Why Hire JM?

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If you are looking for an outstanding, experienced real estate advisor who knows the market, cares about her clients and is committed to your success, congratulations. You’ve just found her: Jane Mak.

Solid foundation

“Honesty, integrity and passion form my foundation, on which I have built my business and reputation.” ~ Jane Mak

Great depth of knowledge

In more than two decades in real estate, Jane Mak has gained expertise in every aspect of the business, from mortgages and appraisals to commercial and residential transactions, including pre-foreclosures and short sales. She has mastered the complex and often arcane aspects of appraisal, marketing, and finance. Because of her great depth of knowledge, her clients can buy or sell property regardless of market conditions.

International expertise

With globe-spanning contacts and a network of international investors, Jane is uniquely positioned to pair sellers and buyers in the Tampa Bay area with those around the world. Born in Bethlehem, Jane moved to the U.S. in 1975. She has family and contacts throughout the Middle East, and she is fluent in Arabic as well as English.

A life-long commitment to real (estate) service

Many people go into real estate after they’ve failed in a first or second career. Not so with Jane. A second-generation real estate professional, Jane’s enthusiasm for the business developed early, thanks to her father. As a child growing up in San Francisco, she often attended her father’s real estate open houses. She knew even then that real estate would be her future career path, and she has been a winner in her chosen profession all her life. Today, she is an accomplished Realtor® and mortgage broker with her own consulting firm, JM Real Estate Solutions, which specializes in Short Sales.

Special expertise in loss mitigation, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures and short sales

Jane established JM Real Estate Solutions to provide solutions while preserving Home Ownership for clients faced with foreclosure. With her experience in loss mitigation, pre-foreclosure, foreclosure and short sales, she will help you find the best solution to keep your home, minimize credit damage and Avoid Foreclosure.

Even better: When you hire Jane Mak, you get the Jane Mak Team, and they join your team to make you a winner in any market.