Short Sale

Have Market Conditions let you down? Do you owe more than you can sell your home for? Are you struggling with your Mortgage Payments and need to get out? Volatile market conditions, combined with the circumstances of life, sometimes result in difficult and heart-breaking realities. When homeowners find they are “upside down” owing the bank more than their home is worth, it can be overwhelming.

The Jane Mak Team specialized in solutions for homeowners and mortgage service providers trapped by an upside down real estate market. We believe a short sale can offer the ideal win-win approach for all parties in an unfortunate situation.

What is a short sale?

In a short sale, you sell your home at the current market price, even if it is less than what you owe the bank. If you are a homeowner, a short sale helps you minimize the damage to your credit record by avoiding further default on the loan and having the bank foreclose on the home.

Do you qualify for a short sale?

In today’s challenging economy, many homeowners are feeling the stress of late or missed payments and feeling upside down in their homes. You might qualify for a short sale if:

  • Due to hardship, you are having trouble making payments to the bank.
  • You are facing foreclosure.
  • You owe more for the home than it is worth.

How we can help?

The Jane Mak Team will work on your behalf to secure an agreement with the lender to accept less money for your home than what is owed. Remember, from the lender’s perspective, a short sale prevents the company from losing even more money, should the property go to foreclosure.

Negotiating a short sale requires the expertise and knowledge of an experienced team well-versed in three aspects of real estate: financial, appraisal and market conditions. The Jane Mak Team brings a wealth of information and skill to the process so that you can come through a short sale with the best possible outcome.

What you can expect?

You can expect us to stand by your side and support you from the beginning to the end of the short sale process. You will not be alone! From the time we begin negotiations on your behalf, we will handle all correspondence with the lending institution. You must meet your lender’s requirements for a short sale, and you must agree to sell your home for a price that will guarantee its sale, regardless of what you owe.

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